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Connect Your Brand With 1 Billion Consumers Across Android & IOS

Moboole bridges the gap between the digital and the physical world by creating marketing infrastructure in a physical location

Connect to Moboole

Removing the friction from customer loyalty/offers with smart location proximity based alerts while providing physical retailers with the infrastructure to monetize the data collected. Creating a seamless shopping experience for customers and new revenue streams for physical retailers.

Increase Sales

Engage customers at the moment of truth in the impulse buying process: the point of decision

Cross Platform

Customer application that won’t have to be downloaded by users and works on mobile and web platforms.

In-Store Marketing Infrastructure

Mirroring ecommerce platforms and bringing the digital internet to a physical space.

SaaS Features

By combining IoT beacons and mobile payment systems for both Android and iOS, Moboole Technologies aims to simplify individualized marketing by giving consumers a low-friction method of obtaining offers while collecting detailed insights for our clients through purchasing pattern analytics. We want to provide a flexible IoT marketing management platform to allow scalability for our clients, from Mom-and-Pop stores to corporate retailers.

Hybrid Enterprise Beacons

Beacons designed for scalable deployment, manageable through webapp or REST API

Mobile Saturation

Android and iOS engagement through IoT captures 96.7% of total mobile users


One tap from IoT notification to receiving an offer gives a seamless experience for consumers. No app install required

New Revenue Stream

Retailers can sell their IoT space to advertisers through our platform

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Why choose us?

We are dedicated to making sure our customers benefit, grow, and exceeed expectations from the services we offer.

  • We will be there with our customers every step of the growth.
  • We pride our self in making products and services our customers will more that just benifit from but fall in love with.
  • Creating new revenue streams for customers by extending customer insights to suppliers.
  • Giving customers your own appsite completly hosted and manged on our platform.
  • Amazing features that makes markerters and advertisers jobs a lot easier.
  • A user friendly experience that your customers are sure to use and love.
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Our Awesome Team

Our team consist of experienced profesionals in Web development, Software Develpment, Marketing, Sales, and business solutions.

Software Reviews

Our Saas Platform is the ultimate IOT marketing infrastructure platform for retailers looking to engage customers in innovative ways.

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Choose Your Plan


$ 99


  • Hybrid Beacon Management
  • Content Creation/Management Tools
  • Inventory Integration


$ 199


  • Hybrid Beacon Management
  • Content Creation/Management Tools
  • Inventory Integration
  • Real Time Customer Engagement


$ 299


  • Hybrid Beacon Management
  • Content Creation/Management Tools
  • Inventory Integration
  • Real Time Customer Engagement
  • Ad Network Publisher Affiliate

*Cost of hardware not included
**Annual billing

Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you. We answer any questions you may in regards to the services we offer and how Moboole can help you!

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  • Los Angeles, CA
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